Jesus’ 10 New Testament Principles for Parenting: Principle No. 8 – Stories Tell It Best (Part 3)

Jesus raises Lazarus

Jesus lived out incredible stories with His children every day by causing them to have to live by faith.  He did not immediately fix every problem, He let the tension mount until it was obvious that only an act of God could solve things.

Remember the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead?  In John 11:3 when Jesus is informed that His friend Lazarus was sick, Jesus stayed for two more days where He was.  In the meantime, Lazarus dies.  You can just feel the tension rising.

When Jesus does arrives in Bethany, Martha, Lazarus’ sister runs out to meet Him and says, “Lord if You had been here, my brother would not have died”.  Martha was looking with human eyes at the situation and is searching for faith.  Later on in the story, Mary, Lazarus’ other sister comes to Jesus and says the exact same thing. (John 11:32)

Now everyone is wondering what Jesus is going to do now that He has arrived too late.  By this time Lazarus has been in the tomb 4 days. And you know the rest of the story.  Jesus calls forth Lazarus from the tomb and Lazarus comes out in perfect health.

What a story!!!  Jesus lived out this story right in front of His children and taught His children what it meant to live by faith and with power.

We too can live by faith in front of our children when times get tough and we can encourage them to do the same.  God is writing new stories for us and our children every day.  As parents, let’s capture each opportunity.

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