“Jesus Burgers”

Jesus Burgers

Each Friday night Isla Vista Church goes out to the community in their area and serves burgers to their neighbors.  This ministry began in 2001 by some college students who wanted to serve their neighbors in Isla Vista’s Park.  They began feeding the homeless with burgers, and soon had services and time for prayer during their meals.

The ministry today gives around 200 burgers away for free to anyone who comes.  Jesus Burgers will be beginning up again at the end of September so if you would like to be a part of it check out their website for more info.


This is such a great example of serving others, which was what Jesus’ ministry was all about.  It reminds me of when Jesus fed the 5,000.  Instead of sending the people away to find their own food after hearing his message, he met their physical hunger through bread.  Isla Vista Church is doing the same thing, meeting the needs of those around them and sharing the gospel with them.

Thank you Isla Vista Church for this great idea of how to serve others!

This could be a great story to share with your kids so that they can begin to get ideas of how they too might serve others.

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