Jesus Feeds 5,000 With Fish and Bread

Matthew 14:13-21 tells the story of how Jesus fed 5,000 people with only using 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.  It is such a miraculous story and would be great for a sunday school lesson.  Here is a craft that would go perfectly along with it that is made by Kids Craft. It is very simple and would work great for children 3 years or older.

Check out the website for more details.

Feeding the 5000

Here is what you will need:

Noodles with a whole in the middle of it

Construction Paper

Hole punch



Take the construction paper and cut out 2 little fish for each child.  Then use the hole punch to make little wholes in the mouth for the string to go threw.  Finally string the noodles and the fish all on the yarn to make a necklace.

This is great because as the kids wear their craft necklace they will get to remember the story and if other children ask why they are wearing it they can tell them the story as well! Thank you Kids Craft!

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