Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand Craft By Catholic Icing

Feeding the 5000

A great idea when teaching students about how Jesus fed the 5,000 is to have a fun little snack for them to eat while they are learning about it! Catholic Icing has come up with a simple and easy snack to use.

Materials you will need:

A bag of gold fish

A bag of pretzels

Bars of chocolate

This is what you will need to do.  Put the chocolate on top of the pretzel and put it in the oven and melt it just slightly(or microwave it).  Then once it is slightly melted put the little fish on top of it and let it harden into it.

This snack will be a great yummy treat for your kids and they will also allow you to make your story more hands on.  This could be great for sunday school, vacation Bible school, a bible study, or just a fun family time moment.

Start with reading Matthew 14:13-21 and then when it gets to the part about Jesus handing out the food, pull out the tasty treats and hand one to each kid.

Thanks Catholic Icing for this fun idea!

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