Jesus Took On Our Sins Craft

Looking for a fun family craft/experiment? A great idea is to dye flowers.  But this could also be used as a tool for teaching kids how Jesus took on our sins.


-white carnation

-red food coloring



Check out this website for details on how to make this craft happen.

This craft is a slow process; however; it will take around a week for the carnation to fully absorb the color.

When you start the craft put the white carnation in the vase and begin to tell your kids the story of how Jesus came down from heaven as a perfect and spotless lamb.

Over the course of the week while waiting for the carnation to absorb the color fully, explain the story of how Jesus came and took on all the sins of the world, through dying on the cross.

Even though the flower is not perfect in showing this story, it provides a visual to help kids begin to understand how something spotless and blameless can be changed.

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