Jesus Walks On Water Craft

Matthew 14:22-33 is the story of Jesus walking on water to get to His disciples in the boat.  It is a great story and it is perfect for a Sunday school class!

Jesus walks on water

DLTK has come up with a great idea for a craft.  All you need is a few simple materials.





Printer- to print out the paper outline from the website

So there is a slightly complicated part to this craft.  You have to slit the paper in the waves so that Jesus is able to move through the waves as if Jesus is walking through the waves.

This is also a great craft to use for VBS.  I have used this in the past on mission trips to do with the kids we were working with.  It was perfect for this because the materials were easy to transport since all you really need is paper!

Thanks DLTK for this awesome easy idea!

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