Jonah And The Whale Halloween Costume

A great costume idea is the idea of Jonah and the whale.  The best part about it is that it is a unique and creative idea, that you probably will not see any other kid wearing.  It also is great because when people ask what you are it provides the opportunity to tell the story of Jonah.

Here is what you will need:

Cardboard: one really big piece

Face paint

Clothes that look like a man’s outfit (Jeans, button up shirt).

Start with making the fish.  Out of the cardboard, cut out the fish.  Make it large enough that is will cover your child from head  to mid-thigh.  All it has to be is a simple outline, like this one,

Cardboard fish


Once you have cut this out, cut out a whole in the middle of it for your child’s face.   Have your child paint the fish blue.

Next have your child dress up like they would think a man would dress.  Finally face paint a beard on them so they look like Jonah might have looked.

When I was 9 I wore this costume and I felt so cool because I was definitely unique! Sorry no picture of the end result but the basic idea is that Jonah (your child) walks around with their face in the head whole on the fish so it looks like Jonah is inside.  Happy costume making!

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