Jonah’s Druthers- The Christian Musical

We love musicals. Check out this new musical called ‘Jonah’s Druthers’. It is the story of Jonah from the Bible told in a Western format. What fun. The music is lively and will keep kids following along with this new version. We watched a preview told with stick figure puppets.

Check out for the opportunity to listen to the music and play on line to see if you would like to purchase. Lots of cowboy talk and poetry. This is a very fun rendition. It reminds me a little of the music for a vacation Bible school. It would work well for a Sunday school, homeschool, family devotional oh and also a vacation Bible school.

Order you own copy for a evangelistic event. Available for purchase are individual songs, lyric sheets, vocal-only Lead-sheets, and printed professional rhythm charts.

If you don’t want to listen to the script you can read it on line. This site caters to directors and choir workers. We encourage all of you to be directors in your sphere of influence.

Thank you for this very creative rendition of the story of Jonah. Hope you all purchase this to resource to minister to those kids in your world.

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