Joseph And The Colorful Coat Craft

Puppet Joseph

A fun way of teaching kids about the story of Joseph and his colorful coat is to use lunch bag puppets.  Its a simple and easy craft but could be really fun for any kid. Thanks Prekinders for a great idea!

Materials you will need:

Lunch paper bags

Colorful Paper



Check it out!

Cut the colors into thin strips.  Have the kids glue the strips to the lunch paper bags, make sure you tell them to mix up all the colors so that there are plenty of colors.  Then have them draw a face on the top of the bag.  Finally as you read the story to the kids they can use their puppets to act it along with you.

This craft would probably be good for kids ages between 1st through 3rd, and would work great for Sunday school.  If the kids have a hard time focusing it will be better to make the puppet after you have already done the lesson, but if they can focus have them make it first to prep them for the lesson.

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