The Big Idea Of Jude Is To Warn Christians To Fight For Their Faith When Others Are Fighting Against It



Jude warns Christians that they need to fight for their faith against the evil people who have snuck into the church and are spreading lies.

Jude reminds the church that they have been entrusted with a wonderful gift of God’s grace.

Jude also warns Christians that the prophecies are coming true that evil men will infiltrate the church and teach that because of God’s grace they can do anything they want. Jude instructs the faithful Christians to fight against these lies and stand up for the truth.

Jude also tells the Christians to be careful because these evil men are at risk of coming under God’s judgment as the prophets predicted.

Key New Testament Kid’s Application:
Ask your kids if the fact that God loves them and will forgive them of any sin gives them the right to go out and do whatever they want. If not, why not? God’s grace is intended to draw us closer to God and to encourage us that God has a wonderful plan for our lives. If we want to enjoy that wonderful plan, we will listen and obey Him. If not, God will still love us, but we will experience the consequences of following our own plan.

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