Kids 4 Truth Audio Devotionals

I’m excited to share a site I just found that has free audio devotionals for kids. The narrators voice is calm as he shares a bible verse and then tells a practical story that illustrates the verse. Psalm 23:4 is one verse I just heard. The practical story that followed was about a boy named Phillip and his dog Rusty that was good at protecting the boy. It is an entertaining story that brings to light the principles of the verse.

There are lots of different topics. One mp3 is the story of Ann Hasseltine Judson and her missionary journey. The drama of  her husband being put into prison and losing her young child, but how Ann remained faithful on her journey to  be a missionary. Daily Devotions for Kids!

Kids 4 Truth has tons of other resources that can encourage your family to walk with God. There are even free coloring pages on the creation of the world. Check out….


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