Kids Activity: Celebrate St. Nicholas Day-Dec. 6

Many people today confuse Santa Claus as the reason we celebrate Christmas rather than Jesus’ birth.  So a great way to show them how Santa Claus is not the real meaning for Christmas is to explain the person behind Santa Claus- St. Nicholas!  And St. Nicholas has his very own holiday day to remember him on- December 6.

Check out the site below for a little reminder of who St. Nicholas was.

Instead of having your kids believe in Santa Claus as the reason for Christmas a great idea is to tell your kids about how Santa Claus is really a man who was named St. Nicholas.  You can even have a special day to celebrate him on Dec. 6! The important thing is that your kids recognize that Jesus is the reason for Christmas.


Hooked on the book -First Chapter from Liz and Jack Hagler on Vimeo.

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