Kids Activity:New Years Letters

New Years’ Goals

A great way of preparing your kids for the New Year is to have them write New Years letters! This is a fun way of helping your kids think through their hopes and goals for this next year. Have your family sit down together and hand each person a letter. Give them some time to write out things that they would like to see happen within the next year. Afterwards have your kids decorate their letters. Get out lots of markers and glitter so that their letters can be super fun and sparkly. When everyone has finished, have them put their letters in a bag. Put the bag away till next year so that on the next New Years Eve you can open them and see what actually came true!

If you are afraid your kids will forget what they wrote, instead of putting them away for a year, hang up their letters on a cork board in the house where they can see it. This will be remind them throughout the year what they want to be working towards.

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