Kid’s Bible Video- The Book of Joshua

Check out this great video that gives your kids the story behind the Bible book of Joshua. It is produced by one of the creators of the Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer and is part of an online television network called Jelly Telly.  According to wikipedia, “The goal of the site, is to be a Nickelodeon of sorts for Christian audiences. It is currently a website, which streams a little over 20 minutes a day of content, but Vischer has stated he plans to launch larger projects having to do with the network in the future”

This Bible book called Joshua is the story of Joshua leading the people in conquering their Promised Land. Check out this site for more information on the big idea behind the story of Joshua.

The Big Idea Of Joshua Is The Story Of Conquering The Promised Land

This video is part of the kid’s Bible video series called What’s In The Bible.  Done with puppets and illustrations kids learn the story behind each book in the Bible.

Thank you Phil Vischer for these wonderful kid’s videos.

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