Kids Craft: Thanksgiving Gratitude Rolls

Gratitude Rolls

A great way to start off Thanksgiving day is through making gratitude rolls! Balancing Beauty and Bedlam has come up with this awesome and fun breakfast idea that is perfect to get your family in the spirit of being thankful.

Here is what you need :

1.Crescent Rolls

2. Paper strips

3. Pen

Have each person in the family write something that they are thankful for on a strip of paper.  Then give each person a crescent roll and have them roll it up so that the strip is inside.  Bake them! Then when they come out of the oven give each person a roll.  As people break open the rolls have them guess whose thankful note is whose!

Such a simple activity but really starts the day giving glory to God for the many blessings we have received!

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