Kids Craft: Thanksgiving Ornaments

Thanksgiving Ornament

A great activity to celebrate Thanksgiving is to make thanksgiving ornaments! This is a fun activity because it prepares you for the Christmas season as well as celebrating Thanksgiving! has provided this fun activity!

Here is all you will need:

1. Cheap round ball ornaments

2. Either puff paint or paint pens.

Look at it here!

Give each person an ornament and then have them think of one thing that they are thankful for from this past year.  It can also be a praise report for something God did this year.  Then have them think of a fun way to decorate it that is meaningful to them!

This could be a great activity to do as a side activity during your Thanksgiving day celebration.  Set up a special table in the corner of the main room so that if people do not feel like socializing this is a great option!

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