Kids Devotion: The Truth of Godly Success

Godly Success

Today we spend so much time thinking about what we will do when we get older. We are ingrained with the idea of wanting to be successful. But the success that the world tells us to have and the success that God wants us to have are two different things. So the question remains what is Godly success? Pastor Jimmy Knott from First Baptist Church of Orlando has delivered some great words about this subject.

He explains that Godly success is made up of three components- obedience to God , dependence on God, and service for God. If these three qualities are manifested in our lives then we are living the a life that is successful. He backs up these components explaining that each of these qualities was evidently a part of Jesus’ life.
If you would like to hear the whole sermon check out this link below.

So why is this important for your kids? Well society is telling your kids that success means that they need to get a good job, have a nice home, and have a good family.  Now these things of course are great but if not done in the right spirit they will not be a true measurement of success.  As Christians we live with a different standard, we are not living to please ourselves alone but to glorify our Father.

Spend some time this weekend talking to your kids about what Godly success looks like.
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Hooked on the book -First Chapter from Liz and Jack Hagler on Vimeo.

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