Kid’s Devotions For Lent (Day 8) – Do Not Test God

Lent is the season of preparation for Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts through Holy Saturday (the day before Easter). Traditionally, Christians have observed Lent by fasting, repenting, and giving. We can invite our children to join us as we observe this season, as we prepare our hearts and our lives for Easter.

Thanks to Kimberlee Conway Ireton for her plan that I used to develop these Kid’s Devotions.

As the Day of Easter begins to approach, we remember that Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness and resisted the tempation to put God to the test.

Ask the children…

How did the devil want Jesus to test God? How did Jesus respond?

“Then the devil took him to the holy city, Jerusalem, to the highest point of the Temple, and said, “If you are the Son of God, jump off! For the Scriptures say,

‘He will order his angels to protect you.
And they will hold you up with their hands
    so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.’[c]

Jesus responded, “The Scriptures also say, ‘You must not test the Lord your God.’[d](Matthew 4:5-7)

Even the devil know’s the scriptures.  He knows the Bible better than we do, only he twists and turns the truth because he is the father of lies.  The devil tried to get Jesus to test His Father whether God would protect Jesus if He jumped off a tall building.

Jesus saw right through the devil’s temptation.  Jesus quoted scripture right back at the devil and this time it was how God intended it to be used.  We don’t test God for our own purposes.  We follow His plan not our own.

Ask your children what scriptures they have armed themselves with to resist the devil when he comes?  Memorizing this section of Matthew 4 would be a good place to start.  Get out a some paper and right these words on it and have the children decorate it.  Begin today with your scripture memorization project.

Feel free to share your own stories below in the comments section.

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