Kids Lesson: Godly Freedom

Godly Freedom

In our society today we are constantly being told that we deserve complete and total freedom to do whatever we want.  There should be no limitations on anything.  Whatever we want to do we should be able to do it because this is a free country.  This same message is being fed to our kids.

It is important to teach kids the difference between total freedom and God’s freedom.  The story of Adam and Eve is the perfect example of the difference.  God gave Adam and Eve the ability to be free to eat from the any tree in the garden except one.  He limited on this one tree because He knew that this tree was not good for them.  Satan tempted Eve by making her want complete and total freedom without any limitations.  The sad part about this story is that when she received total freedom it made her life so much worse.

This is an important lesson to teach your kids because they too will come to a point when they want to do whatever they want to do because they want unlimited freedom.  As we can see in the story of Adam and Eve however, complete freedom is not always healthy.  God puts limitations and guidelines for His people because He knows what is best for them and loves them.  Teach your kids that the guidelines in the Bible sometimes may seem limiting but in the end it is for our best that God put them in place!

Inspired by Alan Frow from Southlands Church of Brea.

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