How NOT To Turn Your Kids Off When Telling Bible Stories



Don’t you just love it when your kids refer to the bible story you just told them in their every day lives. It means they are listening! Celebrate! So how do we reference bible stories without sounding preaching. Here are a few suggestions not to do.

Don’t reference a bible verse when your angry at your kids. ” YOU REMIND ME OF THE EGYPTIAN PHARAOH RIGHT NOW!  YOU ARE SO STUBBORN!”  Not funny, right?! This is not the way to make bible learning fun.

Don’t tell the same stories over and over and over again.  Just about every child is familiar with the Noah’s ark story. There are many other stories in the bible for children, try those out.  At least if you are telling it for the tenth time, try telling it from a new perspective. Maybe through the eyes of the ants on the ark. That might stimulate a new listening button in their brain to tune in.

For my final thought,  I just asked my kid’s for another “don’t” and they said don’t interrupt them when they are listening to a music video to tell them what you are learning. Makes sense to me. Ask permission to share the cool thing you just learned while reading your bible. Kid’s of all ages want to respected. Showing respect is huge in asking people to listen.

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