Kids Talk: Living Like Jesus Literally!

Live like Jesus

We always hear in church to live like Jesus, but what does that mean practically? And what does that really mean for your kids?

A great question to ask your kids to help them begin to envision what this really looks like is, “If Jesus were a ____ what kind of a _____ would He be?”

So for example, “If Jesus was a student what kind of a student would He be?”

Another example, “If Jesus was a basketball player what kind of a basketball player would He be?”

Basically the point of this question is to help kids think through the qualities that Christ exhibited in His life and then try to transfer them into their daily lives.  So maybe if Jesus was a basketball player He would have been caring to His teammates, encouraging them on! And He would have been kind to the other teams that he played, still doing His best, but never hurting them with His words.

Take some time to talk with your kids!

This fantastic question was taken from Bill Hull’s class at Biola University January 30, 2013.  Thank you Professor Hull for this great question!
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