Kids That Are Taking God’s Love To Their World

Kids are living out God’s love all over the world. Here is one example. Check out the video above about a girl named Michala’s who’s brother was autistic.

Seeing the success that her brother has had with a glutathione treatment, she set out to raise $200,000 to fund a study on 50 kids.  In just 6 months, Michala and her “Peeps,” through bracelets and donations raised nearly $300,000 for the fund that Kosair Children’s Hospital named, “The Michala Riggle Glutathione Autism Research Fund”.

Michala’s new goal is $3,000,000 to fund an autism hospital in her home town that would be open to all kids regardless of their financial situation.

One kid with a vision who’s motyo is “believe” is out to change the lives of so many people. We celebrate her vision and her passion to live out God’s love in her part of the world.

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