Kidworks- Loving The Inner City


Santa Ana, in Orange County, is considered the roughest area to grow up in because of the poverty and gang violence.  Larry and Jayme Acosta recognized the many needs of this community and in 1993 they began Kidworks.   Kidworks vision is to bring restoration to the communities through serving the people, one person at a time.  This program has set up specific systems to reach each age group within the community.  For children there is a pre-school, homework club after school, weekly soccer clinics to help with health and wellness, and a financial literacy program to promote financing.  For youth, several of these program still apply but also they have programs to educate the teens about leadership.  For parents,  Kidworks tries to teach the parents to support their children in school through workshops that help parents understand the school system better.  Also an advocacy program has been set up so that parents can work together to bring up issues they would like to see change to the county.

The goal of  Kidworks is to not only meet the physical needs of the community of Santa Ana, but more importantly do everything for the glory of God.

This ministry to wonderful to share with kids because you could serve along side it if you live in the area.  It also just tells another story of how God can work even in areas close to home!

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