Love is….According to the Bible

Family Hike

Love is spending time with your kids to go on a nature walk or some kind of a hike together. Remember Jesus (who is our love source) was able to spend time with his disciples when they were walking around to all the towns they visited.

Over the past week I went on camping trip with a friend’s family and we went on a hike in the Yellowstone mountains. It was amazing to just get to spend time out in nature and enjoy this all with a family.

It got me to thinking about what kinds of things Jesus talked about with his followers as they were walking on those long roads? I wonder if it was about things that they were seeing or what their experiences were like in the town they were just leaving?

The moral of all this is that love is spending time with the people you care about. Being able to do this out in God’s green creation is just a perk.

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