Miracle Of Churches Working Together At The Streets of Bethlehem


The Streets Of Bethlehem

In our little town of Salinas, California, a local church has recreated their church parking lot into the Streets of Bethlehem every year since 1992.  This year they invited believers from all churches to come and help them spread the good news.  Read below their description of this wonderful event.

“Like the boy shepherd who serves as our logo, Streets of Bethlehem has been in the process of growing up. What began as only a dream in the mind of three individuals came to life in 1992. With the desire to share the gift of the true meaning of Christmas to the community, the idea for a live re-creation of that tiny village on that first Christmas night was born. Streets of Bethlehem was cared for and nourished by the loving hands of dedicated scriptwriters, skilled carpenters, gifted artists and set designers. But what makes Bethlehem special is the way it comes alive when hundreds of volunteers don period costumes and go back in time to “become” those village citizens once again.”

I was working with a group of evangelists who shared the goods news in the crowds.  We were from many different churches and shared the God’s love in English and Spanish (our community is 70% spanich speaking).  Over the past 4 nights more than 200 people have come to know Jesus.  I prayed for an 8 year old, 19 year old and a middle aged man.  They all knew their need for a savior and wanted Jesus to come and be their Lord.  I could see the transformation in their eyes.

How precious to see our team pray for whole families to give their hearts to Jesus.  And all this done through the cooperation of believers from all different fellowships.

When believers cooperate and act as the one body in Christ that they truly are, then God’s harvest will be brought in and the gates of hell will not be able to stand against it.

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Hooked on the book -First Chapter from Liz and Jack Hagler on Vimeo.

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