Christian Music For Your Older Kids

As your kids get older they are going to want to listen to the music of today which is fast, upbeat, and usually full of rap and techno.  As a parent you probably are not excited about the content of the average songs from artists such as Eminem, Beyonce, and Rihanna.  A great way to help solve this problem is to find cool alternative artists that your children will enjoy and you feel comfortable with.

Toby Mac is a great christian rapper to consider.  His music is encouraging and clean, yet fun and upbeat, going with the musical trends of today.  If you would like to hear some of his music check out this link to one of his newest songs called “Me Without You”.

If you are also looking for fun clean concerts to take your teens to, Toby Mac puts on a wonderful show, full of great music and entertainment!

If you like what you read, check out our children’s book, Hooked on the Book, on this website.  It is great for parents and kids because it provides the Big Story of God’s miraculous plan for His children in all 66 books in the Bible including colorful illustrations, rhymes and a surprise on every page.

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