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Rock Climbing

The story of Nehemiah building the wall in Jeruselem is one that is typically under told as a children’s bible story. But this really is a great tale of perseverance and trusting in God’s plan! These may be things that we appreciate more when we are adults because there seem to be more “mountains” that we have to depend on our heavenly Father to help us climb, but there are so many things that kids are afraid to do as well.

I was doing some research the other day about rock climbing walls and I wondered how I could make a lesson for kids out of this sport. The first bible story that I thought of was the story of the great wall rebuild project in the bible. Here is the general gist of this for those who haven’t read if recently.

Nehemiah, a Jewish cupbearer to the Persian King, received grace from the king in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The walls had been torn down during the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people. Ultimately, Nehemiah and other Jewish people began rebuilding the walls in the midst of great opposition from the Persians. Nonetheless, the Jews built the wall in defiance. Thanks from Children’s Bread.

So here is my idea…Read this story to your kids, if is has a picture book that will be helpful, and then talk about how the people had to trust in God’s plan and just keep working. Then you could take your kids to a neighborhood park that has some kid of rock wall or go to an actual rock climbing gym. This could be a great family event that will help to ingrain the idea that we have to just keep moving forward and trusting in those who can see a bigger plan then we can in this case the belayer.

Happy climbing!!!

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