A Six Year Old Tells The Story Of Noah

Want your kids to remember the Bible stories you share? Why not follow the example of this six year old’s parents. Ok not everyone is as animated as their daughter Mary Margaret. And yes she has a little bit of a Shirley Temple flare which keeps us entertained. But she also has a great memory thanks to the adults in her life teaching her how to tell the Biblical story of Noah.

We think this video is such a great example of what we all can do with our kids to help them remember God’s word. Teach them the skill of Biblical storytelling.

Put up a camera and help your kids figure out the action scenes and hand motions of one Bible story. Then practice with them, film it as a group, or even add props. Use anything that they want to tell the Bible story. Let them be creative in how they want to tell the story. The key is that engage in the Bible story.

A video like this would make a great gift for grandparents and can even provide an opportunity to evangelize.

Thank you Mary Margaret and her parents for sharing the gift of Biblical storytelling  with the world.

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