One Year Study Thru The Bible For Children – March 20, 1 Samuel 20

David and Jonathan

This one year study thru the Bible for kids is designed to hit the highlights and provide practical application. I encourage you to read the whole section of scripture (1 Samuel 20) while we focus in on just a few verses.

Background: The first king of the nation of Israel was named Saul. Saul was prideful and when he disobeyed God, God rejected him as king. God then secretly selected a young man named David to be king. He was a man who trusted God and served Him with his whole heart. David was a gifted musician and God supernaturally brought David into Saul’s house to play the harp for Saul when Saul was tormented by evil spirits.  Now Saul had a son named Jonathan and he and David were best friends.

Ask the children…

How did Jonathan show David he was a best friend?

“Jonathan loved David as he loved himself.” (1 Samuel 20:17)

Jonathan’s father king Saul made a plot to kill David because Saul was afraid the people loved and respected David more than him and would make David king over him.  Jonathan discovered the plot and warned David to flee, but before he did, what pact of friendship did David and Jonathan make with each other? 

“At last Jonathan said to David, ‘Go in peace, for we have sworn loyalty to each other in the Lord’s name

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. The Lord is the witness of a bond between us and our children forever.’” (1 Samuel 20:42)

Their friendship was based upon their relationship with the Lord and extended down beyond even their own lives to their children.  And neither of them even had any children yet.  Now that is a deep friendship. 

Ask your children who their best friends are?  Why did they choose those friends?  How committed are they to that friendship?  What would they be willing to do for that friend?  Thank God for the friendships that He has provided and commit today to tell your friends how much you appreciate them. 

Feel free to share your own stories below in the comments section.

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