Palm Sunday To Easter- Craft For Kids

Looking for a very visual craft to take your kids from Palm Sunday to Easter in order to understand the process that Jesus went through that week. Check out a website called Joyful Mama’s Place.  Out of a simple piece of wood the author has roughed 8 spaces representing the Sunday- Sunday time span. Each day is painted in a color to show the progression of Christ’s life.

It starts out with the blue for Palm Sunday. Monday- Wednesday are darkening hues of purple. Thursday is deep red for the Last Supper. Friday is blood red when Jesus died on the cross. Saturday is black as Jesus died and Sunday is white for the new glorious clean life we have. It could also be gold. 🙂

I love how he made a little plate and cup out of clay to put on the Last Supper – Thursday square. Also there is a tea light that goes on each day as Christ moves down the road. The hardest part to make is the block image of Jesus caring the cross that you move each day. I’m sure a small cross made of popsicle sticks would work just as well.

Thank you Joyful Mama for this great project that encourages families everywhere to remember Jesus’s journey the whole Easter week. Hope you check out Joyful Mama’s Place  for other great ideas that will encourage your kids to love God and His Word.

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