Parable of the Sower Craft

Planting Seeds in Soils

Matthew 13:1-23 tells the parable of the sower.  These verses explain that when you spread seed on the ground depending on the quality of the soil it will grow differently.  This parable explains how depending on a person’s mentality or place in life they will be more receptive to the gospel.

A great idea for explaining this concept is to have your kids actually try growing seed on several different types of soil.

Give each of your children 4 seeds.  Have them walk around your yard and choose a spot to plant each seed.

1 seed on the path

1 seed on rocky soil

1 seed on weeds

1 seed in good healthy soil

Over the next week have your kids go back to each seed to water it and see how they growing is coming.  At the end of 2 weeks you should have only one healthy plant growing in the good soil.

Once your science experiment is complete read the passage to them.  Have them think through human qualities which would go along with each type of soil.  This is a great hands on teaching activity!

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