Parenting Tips From Focus On The Family

Focus On The Family has provided a wonderful website full of tips to help parents.  It has specifics for raising young children, school age children, and teenagers.  It also has helpful ideas for spiritual growth for kids including devotions for family mealtimes.  These devotions connect the digestion of food to the Bible.  Also it provides helpful advice for schooling children, including wisdom for homeschooling as well as helping your children succeed in public school.  This websites is full of gold nuggets and you can find insight on many issues that parents face.

“It’s the simple moments in life that count – small investments every day make a big impact. We at Focus on the Family want to help families thrive, and by making small investments of laughter, time, dinner, conversation and prayer, your family will grow closer.” -Focus On The Family

Check out this website for some great thoughts!

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