Prayer Pail

Looking for a fun way of remembering to pray for others’ needs?  A prayer pail is a cute, easy, and neat way of doing it! You can make it into a fun activity to do with your kids, so that they are proud of the pail.  This is perfect too because you can set it on your dinner table and then each night when you pray for the meal you can choose one of the sticks to pray for in your dinner prayer.

And best of all it is simple! dtothe4thpower has come up with simple directions for this project.

A pail

Lollipop sticks

Black marker

Paper/stickers (To decorate the outside)


For the outside of the jar you can do whatever you want on the outside.  The most important thing is that your kids like it!

Thank you dtothe4thpower for this great encouraging idea!

This craft could be a good idea for sunday school to help kids encourage their parents to being praying for others as well.

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