Great Ideas For Teaching Preschoolers About Creation

creation bean bags

creation bean bags

If you have preschoolers you will want to check out this website, Little Blots of Faith to make the Creation Bean Bags Set. What a wonderful hands on way to teach kids the creation story from the book of Genesis.

They begin with 6 by 6 squares of fabric, rice, beans, or plastic pellets, sewing machine, needle and thread.  Very basic construction but check out Little Blots of Faith to see all of the fun material they used to emphasize each of the different days of creation. Day one has a dark and light side of the bean bag. Day two has water fabric and puffy cloud fabric. Day three is brown burlap for ground and a fuzzy green for grass. Day four has orange fabric for the sun and a star and moon pattern for the night. Day five is a white feather like fabric with a blue scaly fabric for fish. Day six the fabric is animals and then tones of browns to represent the colors of man’s skin. Day seven is the solar system and then white like a pillow for God resting.

Check out the Little Blots of Faith for the complete directions and pictures. I love this as I can imagine making these with kids and spending the time learning how to sew on top of it.

There would be numerous games you could create to reinforce the concepts. Also doing memory verses as you pass the bean bags would be fun. Thank you Little Blots of Faith for this wonderful idea.

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