Pressing Forward-The Story Of Rob Traultoff

Rob Traultoff

Saddleback church has put together a wonderful and inspirational movie clip about the story of Rob Traultoff.  Dr. Rob was diagnoses with a degenerative disk disease several years ago and because of this he is now confined to bed rest.  Instead of letting disease and the limitations that come along with that disease hold him back, he has used his medical background to bless other countries.  Through Skype he is able to skype doctors in Uganda and give them advice about patient cases, all from the confinement of his bed.  His desire to serve God out has weighed his limitations.

To watch this awesome clip click on the link below.  It is so worth the time!

This a great story to share with kids!  Sometimes things are really difficult in life and bad things happen, but just like Rob you cannot let them hold you back.  His story inspires us to press forward through the bad.

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