For Kids

 Here are 4 ways to get kids excited about the Bible:

    • Share THE BIG STORY that God tells in the WHOLE Bible.  Kids get bored because they don’t get the big picture of what God is doing.  Like working a puzzle, once you see the pieces coming together, you want to jump in.  That is why we wrote  Hooked On The Book Join Patrick on his journey as he learns the BIG STORY of all 66 books through fun illustrations, poems, and games. It’s a surprise on every page.
    • Share THE REST OF THE STORY about famous people whose lives were changed through reading the Bible.   See our blogs for stories about current and historical figures who’s lives have been impacted by the Bible.
    • Share  YOUR STORY and how the Bible is changing YOU.  Your kids are watching your story 24/7.  Remember lessons are more easily caught then taught. Our blogs and resources are designed to inspire you as parents, grandparents, or interested adults to achieve a passion for God’s word in your life.
    • Encourage each kid to see their life as an INCREDIBLE STORY.  Help them  see their part in God’s big ongoing story

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      . Teach them to journal about how God answers their prayers and uses His word to guide them in their journey through life.           

  • Why not start today by getting your kids excited about God’s big story in the Bible.  Order your copy of  Hooked On The Book and they will do just that! As Charles Fay, Ph.D ( Author of numerous books, speaker for Love and Logic Institute) says, ” This book provides a great resource for helping kids fall in love with God’s Word.”