Recipes For Bible Stories

A great idea when teaching your kids is to tell a story using food.  It is said that when learning, using as many of the five senses is very important, so why not add taste when teaching the Bible!  Jesus himself used food as a teaching tool by using it to celebrate the last supper with his disciples (Luke 22: 7-23).

A great example is when teaching the story of Adam and Eve and how the Snake deceived Eve with a piece of fruit (usually depicted as an apple).

Begin by reading the story of Genesis 3.  When you get to the part about how the Snake tempting the woman with a piece of fruit place in front of each child a piece of fruit, preferably one that they really like, so that they can experience the temptation to want to eat it.  After you finish reading the story the children can eat their fruit.

If you want to learn more food/recipes that correlate with Bible stories check out this creative and helpful website!

This could be a great idea for sunday school lessons!

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