Seeing The Wealth And Mining The Gold

Gold nuggets

Inside every person God has put incredible wealth, a gold mine if you will, that is just waiting to be dug up and put on display as a blessing to all.  The trouble is that the wealth is often hidden under the debris of life.  People become so marred in their external image, that it is hard to believe that deep down there is something there of incredible value.  And to make matters worse, most people don’t see it in themselves.

Take Gideon for example.  The Midianites had him and his people under their thumb.  He was afraid, starving and hiding in a wine press trying to thresh some wheat when the angel from God appeared to him and said, “The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior”.  (Judges 6:12).  Gideon couldn’t believe it but God knew what He had put inside Gideon.  Gideon went on to become a great Judge for Israel and led God’s people out of bondage.

As a parent, one of our daily tasks is to correct our children.  Often times we find ourselves doing a lot of correcting and not much encouraging.  Our children will believe what they see in our eyes when we look at them.  Do they see us thinking that they are just a hassle and may not amount to anything or do they see and hear us encourage them that a valiant warrior lies inside them?  They need to hear that we think they are valiant warriors and although it might not be apparent right now, we see the incredible wealth that God put inside them and want to help them mine it.

Let’s become miners of the gold that lies inside everyone we meet today.

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