Sex Is Not The Problem, Lust Is – A Great Bible Purity Book

Sex Is Not The Problem Lust Is

Every young man and women in today’s culture is bombarded with sexual temptation. We have found a great book by Joshua Harris that will encourage your kids to consider the Biblical way of dealing with these issues. It is called Sex Is Not The Problem Lust Is.

Check out this wonderful review by Tim Challies at , Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Canada. He compares two books about sexual purity and tells why Sex Is Not The Problem Lust Is gives young people not just a personal power strategy to face this issue but God’s way and His power to combat the culture and maintain sexual purity.

Here is a bit of what Tim Challies says…

“While lust is a problem that is as old as the human race, we live in a time when it is funnelled to us in ever-increasing measure. It is increasingly difficult to live pure and undefiled in our sex-saturated culture. And yet God’s standard remains the same: He demands perfection. “God calls us to the daunting standard of not even a hint.” The fact that this standard seems impossible is merely proof that man-centered solutions must fail. “Only the victory of Christ’s death and resurrection can provide the right power and theright motive needed to change me.” We must be motivated by God’s grace and empowered by the Spirit if we are to defeat lust.

Harris goes on to discuss the gospel. And this is what I love most about this book. Rather than moving from identifying the problem to planning out the solution, Harris pauses at the gospel—he pauses at the source of the solution.”

Thank you Tim Challies for your review and Joshua Harris for your great book Sex Is Not The Problem Lust Is. 

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