Showing Jesus With Actions and Words

Acts 4 tells the importance of using both actions and words to tell people about Jesus.

The name of Jesus

In this chapter, Peter and John were called in front of the Jewish leaders because they healed a man and were proclaiming the name of Jesus.  Instead of punishing them, the leaders told them to stop proclaiming Jesus to the people.

This is a powerful story because it makes a really big point.  The world will never tell Christians to not do good things.  They will probably encourage us, telling us what good people we are.  In the story the Jewish leaders did not have a problem with them healing the man, it was that they did not like Peter and John proclaiming Jesus through that healing.

The world has a problem once we begin to do good things and explain that it is because of our savior Jesus that we do all things.  When we attribute our joy and desire to serve to our Savior it suddenly becomes offensive.

As a young Christian it is very easy to rely completely on actions, and never say the name of Jesus.  It is scary to mention Him when people might not take it well.  That is why your kids need to see you model it.  If you as parents are making it normal to praise Jesus in all that you do, then when it comes time for your kids to stand up and praise Jesus, they will too afraid to take action.

This blog was inspired by Professor Erik Thoennes at a Biola University Chapel.

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