Solomon – Teaching Kids Life Learnings From Bible Characters – No. 52

King Solomon Proverbs- Illustration

King Solomon

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Solomon?

Context (2 Samuel 12 – 2 Kings 11):  Solomon was the son of king David and sat on the throne of Israel as king after his father died.  He led the kingdom into great prosperity and built the temple in Jerusalem around which the worship of God centered.  Although Solomon struggled with idol worship and made other poor choices later in life, he did one particular thing as a young man that changed everything for him.

Key Life Learnings:

A young person who asks for wisdom over wealth is the richest (1 Kings 3:4-15):  When Solomon was a young king he went to Gibeon to make sacrifices there and to honor God.  God appeared to Solomon in a dream and told him that He would give Solomon whatever he wanted.  Solomon recognized how young he was and how great the task of leadership was so he asked God to provide him with an understanding heart to judge the people and the discernment between good and evil.  God’s response to this was not only to provide Solomon wisdom but wealth to go along with it.

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Ask your children what their favorite birthday present was.  Tell them that if Solomon was asked that question he would have said that his favorite gift was the wisdom that God gave him.  We can ask God for wisdom to live life every day and God will provide it.  Take some time to pray for wisdom for today’s events with your children.  Make this a daily habit.  What a wonderful gift to teach your children to pray for wisdom daily.

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