Stories Are Powerful Teachers!

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1. Stories allow kids to visualize truth.  Well known Duke University Basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, once said regarding teaching his players, “I’ve always felt a kid needs to see things, not just hear them or read about them.  People remember stories and examples better than words.”

2. Stories tap into our emotions and stay lodged in our memories long after our kids have forgotten our words.  No wonder Jesus taught using parables (stories).  He knew his audience and how these stories would touch their hearts.

3. Stories can be retold and shared with others.  When Jesus told His stories, they were not immediately written down.  They were communicated to others by word of mouth.  When we retell a story in our own words it becomes ‘ours’.  We have not processed it in our own thinking and our own minds until we tell it or what we learned from it to someone else.  It isn’t mom and dad’s story, or just a Bible story, it becomes our kid’s story as they share it.

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