Teaching Children About Bible Miracles – Judgment On The Men Of Beth Shemesh

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Teaching children about the Bible miracles is important because it helps them to see how nothing is impossible for God.  If God can do miracles in the Bible, He can do them in our children’s lives today.  Here is an easy way to do that interactively.

Today let’s focus on a Bible miracle from the book of 1 Samuel:  The Judgment on the Men of Beth Shemesh (1 Samuel 6:19-21)

The Philistines defeated Israel (God’s People) and captured the Ark of God.  Because they had the Ark of God in their possession, God brought judgment upon them in the form of tumors and death.  The Philistines realized they needed to send the Ark back.  So they sent the Ark back to their Israelite neighbors (God’s People) at Beth Shemesh.  However, even the Israelites needed to handle the Ark properly or they would be in danger.  God is holy and He had given specific instructions regarding how the priests should handle the Ark of God.

Ask the children…

What happened to the men of Beth Shemesh because of their mishandling of the Ark?

“But the LORD killed seventy men from Beth-shemesh because they looked into the Ark of the LORD. And the people mourned greatly because of what the LORD had done.” (1 Samuel 6:19)

Only the priests should have handled the Ark.  The men took God’s laws regarding this lightly and as a result they were punished.  What did the people do as a result?

So they sent messengers to the people at Kiriath-jearim and told them, ‘The Philistines have returned the Ark of the LORD. Come here and get it!’” (1 Samuel 6:21)

The people of Beth Shemesh did what they should have done in the first place.  They sent for someone else to handle the Ark who was qualified.  The Ark represented the very presence of God and needed to be handled as holy.  God’s holy presence is now inside us.  It matters how we handle our persons; what we think, what we say, taking care of our bodies, etc.  If we don’t, we are treating this holy vessel that God inhabits as unholy.

Now you can see how Bible miracles are God’s way of blessing the world.  Glory to Him!!!

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