Teaching Children About Bible Miracles – Samson And The 300 Hundred Foxes

Samson and the 300 Foxes

Teaching children about the Bible miracles is important because it helps them to see how nothing is impossible for God.  If God can do miracles in the Bible, He can do them in our children’s lives today.  Here is an easy way to do that interactively.

Today let’s focus on a Bible miracle from the book of Judges:  Samson Catches 300 Foxes (Judges 15:1-6)

God raised up Samson as a Judge to lead the Israelites to defeat their enemy the Philistines.  God have Samson great strength through the Holy Spirit to torment the Philistines.

Ask the children…

When Samson came to see his wife, what caused Samson to be so angry at the Philistines?

“’I truly thought you must hate her,’ her father explained, ‘so I gave her in marriage to your best man.’” (Judges 15:2)

As a result of Samson’s anger for his wife being given away to someone else to marry, how did he torment the Philistines?

“Then he went out and caught 300 foxes. He tied their tails together in pairs, and he fastened a torch to each pair of tails. Then he lit the torches and let the foxes run through the grain fields of the Philistines. He burned all their grain to the ground, including the sheaves and the uncut grain. He also destroyed their vineyards and olive groves.” (Judges 15:4, 5)

God used unusual means to torment Israel’s enemies.  Sometimes we can’t understand what God is doing in our lives but He has a perfect plan for us.

Now you can see how Bible miracles are God’s way of blessing the world.  Glory to Him!!!

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