Teaching Children Bible Stories Through Homemade Puppets

Puppets for Bible teaching

Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids as well as teaching them more about the Bible?  Paper bag puppets are a wonderful way of doing both.

1. First sit down with your kids and decide on a story you want to act out.   Some great examples are include Jonah and the Whale, Noah’s ark, Jesus’ birth story, Moses convincing Pharoh to let the people go, etc.  There are many wonderful stories to choose from; the best ones however are those that have lots of action and allow for lots of imagination.

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 2.  Secondly make your puppets.  Go crazy, let your kids color and glue whatever they want.

3. Thirdly, act out your story! If your kids are not familiar with your story then read it first to them out of the Bible or if they are younger read it in a children’s Bible.

Hope you have a wonderful bonding time!


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