Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 10 – Isaac


What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Isaac?

Context (Genesis 17:15-35:29):  Isaac was the son of promise that God provided to Abraham when he was 100 and Sarah was 90.  God promised that through Isaac a great nation would come that would be God’s chosen people.  Isaac had twin sons named Jacob and Esau.  He loved Esau more than Jacob because Esau was a hunter and Jacob dwelled in tents.

Key Life Learnings:

  • Favoritism brings about jealousy and anger (Genesis 27).   Jacob knew Isaac loved his older brother Esau more than him.  He was jealous of his older brother and tricked his father into giving Jacob the blessing reserved for the older son.  Esau in turn was so angry with Jacob that he tried to kill him and Jacob had to flee from the family.  This all began with the favoritism of a father.

No wonder God warns us not to treat anyone unfairly and not to judge them by their outside appearances.

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