Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 18 – Reuben

Bible Character- Reuben

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Reuben?

Context (Genesis 29-50):  Reuben was the first born of Jacob.  Jacob described him as “unstable as water” (Genesis 49:3, 4). Although he saved his brother Joseph from being murdered by his brothers due to their jealousy, he did agree to deceive their father Jacob that Joseph was dead when in fact they had sold him into slavery.

Key Life Learnings:

  • Compromise has a way of destroying convictions.  When Reuben allowed his brothers to persuade him to cover up their selling Joseph into slavery, he opened the door to further compromise in his life. Later we find Reuben trying to present a public image that didn’t match up with his private life.  Eventually our private lives will show up in public.  We can’t help it because it is who we are.  Don’t given in to that first step of compromise and begin to undermine the foundation of our convictions.

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