Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 19 – Judah

Judah Jacob's son

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Judah?

Context (Genesis 29:35-50:26):   Judah was the fourth son of Jacob.  Judah was a study in contrasts.  He was a natural leader but didn’t always use his leadership gift for God’s glory.

Judah was the one who suggested to his brothers that they profit from getting rid of their brother Joseph by selling him to some slave traders (Genesis 37:26, 27).

Judah was also the one who put his own life on the line when he suggested that he be kept in slavery in Egypt instead of Benjamin so that his father Jacob wouldn’t be die of grief for his youngest son (Genesis 44:18-34).

Key Life Learnings:

  • We are called to give our life away for others (Genesis 44:18-34)  Joseph, (who had not revealed himself to his brothers) the second in command in Egypt, had told his brothers not to come back to Egypt for more food if they didn’t bring their youngest brother Benjamin.  Jacob, Benjamin’s father, wouldn’t hear of it.  Judah offered to forfeit his own life if he didn’t bring Benjamin back and Jacob said ok but warned Judah that Jacob would die of grief if they didn’t bring Benjamin back (Genesis 43:1-14).  When the brothers went back to Egypt, Joseph tricked them by putting his silver cup into Benjamin’s saddle bag.  When it was discovered, Joseph accused Benjamin of stealing from him and ordered him be kept in Egypt as a prisoner.  This is when Judah stood up and offered to remain a prisoner in place of his brother.  What is amazing about his story is that through the line of Judah comes David and eventually Christ.  And Christ is the one who gave His life in place of ours.  Now we have been given that same privilege, to give our lives for the sake of others in need.

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