Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 23 – Miriam


Miriam punished when she speaks out against Moses

What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Miriam?

Context (Exodus 2, Numbers 12):  Miriam was the older sister of Moses.  When the Egyptians threatened to kill all the Israelite (God’s People) babies, Miriam was the one who followed Moses’ floating basket in the river and the one who suggested to Pharoah’s daughter that Moses’ mother could be Moses’ nurse.

Later Miriam got upset when Moses chose a wife.  She was jealous that she was not the number one woman in Moses’ life anymore.

Miriam also got upset that God had chosen Moses as the leader of Israel.  She thought that she and Aaron (Moses’ other older sibling) should also be the leaders.

Key Life Learnings:

  • The reason why we criticize is more important than the criticism (Numbers 12:1-16):  Miriam speaks out against Moses with Aaron’s agreement.  She questions if God is only speaking through Moses.  After all, Miriam was a prophetess.  God came and spoke to Miriam, Aaron and Moses.  He told them that He speaks through prophets in visions and dreams, Moses He speaks to directly and face to face.  God was so angry that He gave Miriam leprosy for her judgment and jealousy.  Moses prayed and asked God to heal her and God did.  The issue here was Miriam being jealous about God’s choice.  When we criticize others, we need to ask ourselves, why am I doing this?  Is it mainly because I am jealous or angry or want to get back at someone?  If so I need to deal with this motive first.


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