Teaching Kids Key Life Learnings from 100 Biblical Characters: No. 31 – Deborah


What practical key life learnings can we glean from the life of Deborah?

Context (Judges 4, 5):  Deborah was chosen by God to lead Israel as a judge because of her great wisdom and humility.  At that time the Israelites were ruled by Jabin King of Canaan.  The commander of his army was named Sisera.  Deborah heard from God that if the Israelites went up against Sisera, they would defeat them.  Deborah called Barak, the leader of Israelite’s army to deploy his troops against Sisera.  Barak was fearful and told Deborah that he wouldn’t go unless she went with him.  She did and Sisera was routed just as the Lord had said.

Key Life Learnings:

Great leaders involve others in their victories (Judges 4:1-23):  Although Deborah would have been able to lead the victory over Sisera through God’s strength, instead she chose to ask Barak to do it.  Even when Barak was afraid, she did not reject him but went with him to secure the victory.  Great leaders know that they cannot lead alone.  They need to raise up other leaders and empower them to lead.

Each of us is called to leadership in our own circle of influence.  For your kids, it might be their leadership of their younger brothers and sisters, or the neighbor kids, or their friends at school.  Let’s encourage our children to see their leadership roles and how they can involve others.

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